It may be confusing that I'm using plural on this page, because it's a team of one at the moment. But I have a vision for Engineering Strong which is bigger than myself:

What we do

  1. Amplify the voice of extraordinary fitness coaches and nutrition experts

    These people devote their lives to researching, studying and mastering different health and fitness topics. If more people heard their message, we believe the world would be a much healthier and happier place.

  2. Promote hi-tech fitness products and information providers

    Mobile apps and wearables are providing key insights into our health and fitness. They help us track our progress and reach our goals. They provide the information we need to make smarter decisions about our nutrition and exercise.

  3. Advocate healthy habits that keep our bodies strong and our minds calm

    With our busy schedules, it can be hard to put all this information to good use. But we can build smart habits and routines into our lives. Let’s make sure our minds and bodies receive the required attention even when we are too tired to put conscious thought into it.

Why we do it

There are many people around the world who aren’t professional athletes but they are excited about improving how their bodies move — be it breaking a personal record on the deadlift, performing a new gymnastics move or doing a new yoga pose. Our mission is to help them progress towards their goals while keeping them healthy and happy.

What we are about

  • being strong and healthy both physically and mentally
  • consistently improving ourselves
  • training for fun and longevity